Assignment 2 Reflection

I have spent the last 7 weeks on one of the most demanding learning experiences of my life. Almost all of the material and tasks have been foreign to me. I have had to restart numerous times, and have been challenged by software, hardware, and ISP issues. In short, I have been a student.

I have investigated the digital divide, Transmedia and Digital Fluency. One of the challenges I have faced is to learn as an adult, and teach to children. Another of the challenges we face is with new and increasingly interactive technology and to develop teaching programs that will appeal to the student, invite their participation and develop their learning skills whilst maintaining their security and preparing them for situations that have not been developed yet.

My Voki deals with the problem of how to provide a state of the art education, using digital technologies, to peoples from varying backgrounds I used software which demonstrated perfectly which side of the digital divide I sit.

My Prezi looks at Transmedia. Wow! When you delve into the different media forms conveying the same story. I thought of media as a narrow field, incorporating the press, television and radio. On my further investigation though, I have broadened my outlook to include comics, the internet, social media and also some other medium, that though not specifically digital, is integral to the spreading of the same story through clothing, models and transport.

The blog on Fluency explores the areas and depth of knowledge required for “Fluency”. As is detailed this is not an easily quantifiable level. I finally found two software packages, Word and Excel that I would have described myself as fluent in. Alas, when investigating further there would seem to be more that I don’t know than that which I do know.

(300 words)

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